Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wash Your Hands!

One of my co-workers is always telling me how bad it is to eat meat. Any meat. Beef, chicken, fish.

It's not so much that the meat is bad for you, but she doesn't like the killing of the animals. She has sent me a bunch of articles and videos about the cruelty that befalls animals raised for food. It is an eye-opener.

Of course, I (being a total believer in equal opportunity) have countered her emails with some strange ones of my own.
Here's one about a woman who trains piglets to play piano. Or this one about pork rinds where they actually have a "pork rind porn" section, including women who have a pork rind fetish.

I am going to make a big sacrifice during Lent this year. I have decided to give up all meat on Fridays. That's right. My co-worker will supply recipes (hopefully with samples) for me to make every Friday so I don't succumb to the devil's lure of meat. To celebrate, I had the "Hungry Man" at Exit 23 Restaurant this morning. It consists of 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausages, a hunk of ham, 2 pancakes, and 2 french toast! Oh, it was good.

Anyway, I came across this video today of an investigation at a fruit and vegetable distributor in California. Maybe we should reconsider how healthy it is to be a vegetarian:

Seeing the people who don't was their hands after using the bathroom reminded me of something that happened at the library this week.

At the circulation desk, I can see down the hallway to the public bathrooms. A woman and her 3ish-year-old daughter were coming out of the bathroom and in a loud voice (so we could all hear), the daughter says, "But, Mommy, we didn't wash our hands!" I tried not to laugh, but it was too funny!

I'm off to visit my brother Dan and his family on Sunday for a Super Bowl party. Some of their friends are coming over and they are making home-made pizza. And my sister is coming with her new boyfriend Ryan (I'll have to practice my "bone-crushing" handshake tonight). Unless it's a real close game, I'll probably leave at halftime and be home before the end of the game.

Have a happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

My god, your co-worker sounds brilliant---I see that you're trying to finagle some free food using your "sacrifice" to God...tsk tsk...