Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday

As you can see the party is really rockin' now. We had one girl puking all over the living room and in the tub in the bathroom! Woo hoo!

OK, the puking girl was Cayleigh, but still, it added to the party atmosphere.

Dan's been cranking out the homemade pizzas, the beer is ice cold, and, oh yeah, it's a good game so far!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't work on tje palm. :{

Anonymous said...

Hey ... do something fun!

Anonymous said...

You kill us with feedback when you turn your sound on. OW.

Anonymous said...

What a dull bunch of stiffs! I've been to Tupperware parties that have been more exciting than this! You may want to leave even earlier than half-time, Joe.

Anonymous said...

Cute dog!

Anonymous said...

Hey there from Manchester, England(12:37AM)!

Just stopped by and saw you all sat there. Watching the Superbowl?

Hubbie has it on here.....gonna be a late night!
Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm switching to Animal Planet now....... Puppy Bowl III's on! Pissing puppies are better than puking girls anytime!!

Jay said...

Hey, I owe you a phone call, Joe. I miss you...f*cker.

Jay (Bailey)