Monday, February 05, 2007

The Day After

It's Monday, the day after the Super Bowl and I wish I had taken today off from work.

With all the excitement yesterday, I forgot to post this video. I don't know why I like it. I'm not usually attracted to bands consisting of fat, white guys who need to buy some larger t-shirts (or lose weight), but this video makes me laugh.

Like I said, I meant to post it yesterday but, after working to get the web camera working, it slipped my mind.

Speaking of yesterday, my brother and his wife threw a great Super Bowl party. They worked very hard, the food was great, and it was an interesting mix of invitees, both family and friends. Their kids are a lot of fun to be around and I'm even becoming a little partial to their dog, Penny (I know, Penny, you pee on the floor when I show up because you love me!). And I (somewhat) enjoyed hanging out with my sister's new boyfriend Ryan. He made an extra effort to introduce himself to everyone and fit in well with the crowd, even thought he didn't know anyone previously. Also, his pizzas definitely tasted the best.

I think my idea of streaming a video of the party on the blog was fun, too. I don't know if my brother's friend has recovered after being told that her breasts were centered on the camera for about 5 minutes (the camera was there first and she moved in front of it- honest!). A bunch of us enjoyed hamming it up for the camera and even my dad tuned it from Italy.

I'm going to try using it again. One idea that popped in to my head was setting the camera up at the library one day (so you can feel just like you are there, working with side-by-side with "
Gloom"). Maybe I will stream from my kitchen one night so everyone who doubts that I actually cook for myself can witness it live. I'll see if any better ideas to use the stream come to me.

Other than that, I was very tired today and the patrons at the library were driving me crazy. I was going to rant about them tonight, but I decided not to. Instead, I'll end with this cool time-lapse video I found:

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