Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Not much to report on my end.

It was very busy at the library tonight with the
"big" storm we're supposed to have later this evening and tomorrow. The threat of bad weather, brings all sorts of patrons to the library. Supermarkets see a big rush on bread and milk; the library is inundated with patrons searching out DVDs and videos.

We were also short one employee today as "Gloom" had another "accident" at work yesterday- more on that tomorrow.

Now let me just state, with the snowy/icy/rainy weather predicted for
Valentine's Day around here, some of the hoards of women who are probably planning to go out with me on this great holiday may have to take a rain check. I'm sure it will take me some time to get through the expected backlog of dates.

Yeah, right!

In honor of this being the holiday of love, here is an interesting site I found on the internet. It's called
Armed in America and they have a beautiful collection of photographs called "Portraits of Americans With Their Guns." What could be more romantic than that?

I know. I probably need some help with what I consider romantic.
I could try a dating service:

Maybe that's not such a great idea.
I could get some dating advice from an expert:

So much for that idea.
Wait, women like men who can dance, right? I could work on my dance moves:

Oh, I give up! Happy Valentine's Day!

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