Saturday, February 24, 2007


Alright, for those of you tired of listening to me hem and haw about buying my kayak, I have some good news. I finally hit the "buy" button and ordered the kayak tonight.

It's a hardshell inflatable (whatever that is!) made a company called
Advanced Elements. I bought the 13' long AdvanceFrame Expedition and can hold 450 pounds. It has received a lot of good reviews and I purchased it for a good price from an Ebay store.

I'll keep you updated.

To celebrate, here are some water related videos. The first one is about a huge disaster at a Lake Peigneur salt mine. Watch what happens:

And here's a cool waterfall video:

Finally, I spent hours this afternoon trying to get my web cam to stream video to the internet like I did at my brother's Super Bowl party. After a lot of reading and changing settings on my internet connection, here it is. Enjoy looking at my TV:


Amanda said...

Joe - what the hell am I watching? Oh nice decorating by the way....what is on top of your speaker???

Anonymous said...

OMG!! is that one of those giant watch wall clocks?? i am so jealous!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you gonna cook or somehing???

Jay said...

Joe - kiss my ass.

Jay Bailey