Monday, January 08, 2007

"Stupid Idiots!"

I used two words over and over today at work: "idiot" and "stupid."

My mom hated both of them. When I was a teenager, these were my two favorite words. I thought I knew everything, and everyone was either "stupid" or "an idiot" to me. It's been about 20 years, but I can still hear my mom telling me how having that kind of attitude is no way to go through life.

This morning, one of my co-workers and I had to let off some steam regarding the work ethic (or more correctly, the absence of work ethic) of some other employees at the library. It started off fairly innocently but I realized that, by the time 5:00 o'clock rolled around, I really was consumed with this negativity.

And my mom was right. Complaining that others are "stupid" doesn't solve anything. It not only brings me down, it also projects a negative aura that affects everyone in my department. I really need to try to have a more positive attitude.

Now, Mom, if you can read this, before you get too excited that I am admitting you were right, there are a lot of idiots in the world. Thanks to the internet, I have proof. Just watch the following:

Oh, and one more thing. I was ironing my shirt a little while ago while thinking about "stupid" people. I guess I wasn't paying attention because (and this is the truth!), instead of reaching for the handle, I actually grabbed the hot (um, burning hot) side of the iron.

There should really be some kind of guard on there or a maybe a warning label! Who makes these things so dangerous?


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Anonymous said...

you grab a hot burning iron, I fall on my ass---who is stupid???? god now we know what they hire at the library...

now i'm getting drunk to numb the pain in my ass.