Monday, January 01, 2007


Happy New Year! OK, let's get the worst out of the way- I didn't even make it 'til midnight. I was awake but had already left the party. I was home before the ball dropped. The good news, however, is I ate enough at the party so that I do not need any food for the next three days! Really. It's 10:00 the next morning and I'm still full. And I never want to see another hunk of cheese again (at least until the football playoffs party next weekend).

Everyone who came brought way too much food and, as always, the hosts had more than enough to begin with. I was worried that the cops were going to pull me over on the way home for driving under the influence of lots and lots of food. I doubt I could have gotten out of the car to perform any field sobriety tests- that's how much I ate.

Did I mention there was a lot of food?

As always, we played the game "Ain't it a shame," a New Year's Eve tradition. There were a few surprise gifts rewrapped from last year. I was very, um, excited to see the Wyler's Light lemonade mix (1 packet) and the Jewish Book of Short Stories that I thought I unloaded during last year's game. All well. I'm sure I'll see some of the same gifts next year.

Here are some pictures from the night:

It really wasn't a redneck New Year's, even though I could see you thinking that after that last photo. Just because he was drinking beer and holding a rifle while playing "Ain't it a shame," that doesn't mean ANYTHING! Now, if he goes to work with that doo-rag on his head. . . well.

That last picture reminded me of a great gun video. Watch it below and listen for my favorite line: "I'm the only one in this room, that I know of, professional enough to carry the Glock 40." That's when the fun begins (or maybe it wasn't fun for the little kids in the classroom but I'm sure the nightmares have stopped by now!).

Happy New Year!

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