Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ahhh, relaxing vacation

Today was the type of day that vacations were made for. Relaxing, perfect weather, and waking up with Jacob and Lauren running in to my room screaming, “Wake up, Uncle Joe! Wake up, Uncle Joe!” as loudly as they can. At least they let me sleep until 7:00!

Alex, Jacob and I walked to downtown Bowling Green for the “Classics on Main” car show. We saw a lot of great cars and I got some pretty decent photos of some of them. I tried to get Jacob into the cars that way I was (and still am) when I was a kid but I think Lauren was more interested than Jacob. Jacob is completely engrossed
by volcanoes and dinosaurs. He sees volcanoes and lava flows where ever we go and is always asking questions like, “If a lava flow came down this street, where would we go?” or “Uncle Joe, if you saw a meteor coming towards your car, what would you do?”

Anyway, the three of us checked out some cars and then Lauren and Claire met us for lunch and we had some great cheese quesidillas. After, we all walked around looking at some of the cars. Claire then took the kids home for naps. Alex and I walked the whole strip then stopped at the Junction for some refreshment. We got a table outside on the second floor, overlooking all the cars on Main Street. It was the perfect spot to relax and take in the scenery. I really enjoyed the time talking to Alex without worrying about what kind of trouble the kids were getting into and I think he appreciated it also. A couple more days like this and I might never go back to work.

I told Jacob that when I came out to Ohio we would go to the pet store to replace his recently deceased fish. Tonight we finally had time to go to Petco and we bought two fish and a frog. Their tank looks a lot better with some fish swimming around in it. I also got Jacob a butterfly net so it looks like tomorrow we will be hunting for butterflies. I explained to him that the net is not for killing butterflies but only catching and releasing. We will see tomorrow if he gets the concept!

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